Our Story

VW Campervan, camper, Wales, Devon, Scotland, Jinxy, lifestyle

Where we started....

I can't remember the first time I fell in love with the classic VW vehicles, but it is a love that has grown for many years.... until I met my partner. It turns out he has always had the same love and passion for them - of course we then ignited the fire in each other and a mutual desire to own our own VW Camper.

VW Campervan, Wales, Scotland, Devon, Travel

Buying a camper

We didn't jump straight in to buying.... we felt we had to at least try a couple of hires, get a feel for the different options and see what suited us. 

So one November, as a gift to Jon I hired us a lovely little split screen for the weekend down in Devon. We spent the first drive trying to adapt to the slower pace and not to be rushed, but it did get us even more hooked.

Our next hire was for a week in Scotland, with a lovely little pop top bay window. We picked him up just outside out Edinburgh and drove him all the way across  the mountains to the Isle of Mull where we got to experience the Highland Games before heading back again. 

Trying the two different styles we both concluded that although the split screen is the icon VW camper - for us it had to be a bay. We loved the space, the drive and the whole experience that they bay offered.

Jinxy joined our family and we have already had many adventures with him - our most recent being a 2 week touring holiday around the whole of Wales, racking up over 1100 miles - check out our blog for more info on this!

Ziggy is the most recent addition to our family, and he adds a different feel to the VW Camper Experience. Each of our campers have their own personalities that you will discover with them.

VW Campervan, camper, Wales, Scotland, Devon

Why Hire?

We love the whole experience and world that has been opened to us by our camper Jinxy and wanted to be able to offer this amazing experience to others.

Whether, like us, you are testing the water to see if the camper lifestyle is for you, or just looking for a fabulous experience - Our campers will be able to help you out and help you gain memories to last a lifetime.